Steam Generators

Common Steam Room

The steam bath has been growing in great popularity among many spa goers and the health & beauty conscious, especially so in the recent years. A much-loved and standard facility found in most spas, clubhouses, condominium, hotels and resorts, steam bathing has been enjoyed for the benefits of total relaxation of mind and body, stress relief, relieving of muscle tension and stiff joints, sweat out body toxins, stimulate circulation, increase body metabolism, keep skin glowing & youthful & many other benefits.

Based on the steam room size, we would calculate and propose the model of steam generator most suited to the room size. Faneville would also provide the installation of the equipment that we supply and our customers are assured of quality and prompt after-sales follow-up service and technical support. To provide a more seamless service, Faneville also offers regular maintenance service for steam generators. Backed by our own team of designers, carpenters, tilers, electricians and other technical staff, we also provide design & build services for steam rooms.



Personal Steam Room

The wonderful benefits of a steam room can now be enjoyed in the comfort and convenience of your home. The conventional shower room can now be converted into a personal steam room with the addition of a steam generator system which includes a generator, a digital control and a steam nozzle. The age-old practice of steam bathing can now be incorporated in the contemporary bathrooms of city dwellers who want a retreat right in their own homes.


Some ways to enjoy your personal steam room:

  • Add your choice of pure essential oil for an aromatic steam bath
  • Give your hair a special pamper with your choice of hair mask
  • Give your body or face a special beauty treat with your choice of face/ body mask
  • Simply enjoy the soothing steam for a detoxifying bath